One of the main reasons why we started ALL CARS LOCKSMITH was to bring something new to the table, to innovate with high quality automotive locksmith services and affordable prices for any car brand. We’ve all been in the situation where urgent locksmith services for our car was needed and the price we had to pay was more than expected.

At ALL CARS LOCKSMITH we decided to get rid of the extra costs and give you fast and affordable services instead. We started and we will continue offering high quality services and treating our clients with seriousness and professionalism. Contact Us.

What do we do?

We unlock cars, offer guidance and high quality services. At ALL CARS LOCKSMITH we program keys for your vehicle and we make a new key copy for any car, whose key was lost or broken. We will unlock your vehicle and provide you with a new key if necessary!

Our Goal

At ALL CARS LOCKSMITH our main goal is to offer professional locksmith services fast and cost-effective. Our team of professionals are highly-trained and ready to provide fast and efficient services, treating all of our clients with respect.

At ALL CARS LOCKSMITH we do not discriminate, nor do we favor clients according to their social status, which is why all of our services are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We formed as a team analyzing the market in detail and noticed how in Georgia most of the automotive locksmith services lack in quality. Besides, most of them charge you with extra fees and leave you with an empty wallet. We have also been in the unfortunate situation of losing your car keys and having no locksmith service available for you.

At ALL CARS LOCKSMITH we decided to put our clients and their needs first! Enough with the expensive, unprofessional and time consuming services – our highly trained technicians will unlock your car, program the key for your vehicle and provide you with a new key copy in no time! Contact us anytime!

At ALL CARS LOCKSMITH we pride ourselves with fast and cost-effective automotive locksmith services and bring satisfaction to our clients no matter who they are… and we will continue to do so!

mobile emergency car locksmith service

For the fastest response in case of emergency call us on 678-650-3334 

Emergency Car Unlocking and Car Key REPLACEMENT 


Our experienced professionals are specialized on any car make or year model.

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